Church and Community Management System

For the Presbyterian Church by MyChurchIT

The system is working without any known issues.


Who can use it?

Anyone who is part of the Presbyterian family of Churches



We take security seriously and work on ensure the system is secure.



Compatible with all devices and operating systems.
Uses your device's internet browser.


The My Presbyterian is a Church Management System with a secure database and communication portal for various congregations. It is produced and maintained by ‘MyChurchIT’ in partnership with Fresh Bread Ministries (NPC 2015/508839/08), and provides a recordkeeping system for churches and organisations and, through its communication portal, seeks to facilitate communication among the world Presbyterian people.
The Church Management System is created to serve all denominations and congregations and has been an exciting ecumenical project.

Personal Portal

For individual members and congregants of a church


  • View and update your personal details • Add your partner and children
  • View and update your children’s details
  • View the roles you hold at your parish
  • Access your church directory and view your church’s details
  • Monitor your giving to the church (under construction)
  • Store your bank details for reimbursements from your church
  • Advertise your business (under construction)
  • Advertise job opportunities (under construction)
  • Advertise yourself for employment (under construction)
  • Register for events and monitor your booking

Local Church Portal

For local churches


  • Maintain a congregational roll
  • See an overview of your member’s demographics
  • Add and update church members’ details
  • Assign members to small groups, pastoral areas, congregations or other groups in your church (under construction)
  • View list of members by their suburbs
  • Record church service attendance and giving (under construction)
  • View upcoming birthdays (sixty days in advance)
  • Retrieve members’ usernames and on the member’s request
  • Add baptism, dedication and confirmation records
  • Update and maintain list of church staff
  • Update and maintain church’s contact details and service times
  • E-mail church members
  • Send PUSH word messages for laptops, smart phones and tablets.

Synod Portal

For the use by the National Committee and Synod within the denomination


  • See an overview of the Region’s demographics
  • Easily search for churches or members in your Region
  • Update and maintain list of Regionally created Groups
  • Update and maintain list of clergy and lay-leaders in the Region
  • Update and maintain list of Region’s staff
  • E-mail church members
  • Send PUSH word messages for laptops, smart phones and tablets.

Organisation Portal

For organisations, such as guilds, retired clergy and widows, institutions


  • See an overview of the organisation’s demographics
  • Manage list of members
  • View upcoming birthdays of members (sixty days in advance)
  • Securely record members’ bank details for online payment
  • E-mail members
  • Send PUSH word messages for laptops, smart phones and tablets.

Events Portal

For event management


  • See an overview of your event
  • Use as registration for the event
  • Securely track and monitor payments for the event
  • Track the financial progression of your event

The My Presbyterian Story

This project carries the blessing and support of the United Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa. We are grateful that God called together a group of people who wish to serve churches with tools that encourage effective ministry in the name of Christ. This would be for the benefit of the Body of Christ, who in turn would serve the world that God loves and to whom God sends us. God’s call on the MyChurchIT is to offer an effective and efficient way to connect the Body of Christ for God’s ministry and mission. MyChurchIT has a long relationship of serving God together with Fresh Bread Ministries. Fresh Bread Ministries exists is to assist Churches to share the good news and mission of Jesus with innovation, and Rev Christopher Harrison is the active Director.

With the permission of the UPCSA’s Communication Committee, we have worked with over 20 Presbyterian Churches to create, refine and develop the System into what we have today. We are grateful for the teams of people that gave us feedback and constructive comment. 

In 2019 Christopher met with the UPCSA’s Communication Team and their acceptance of the System means we can offer this membership management, communication and missional tool to all Presbyterian congregations. Do contact Christopher at for more information.